Jumping with HB


There’s nothing better than the giggle of a child to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down or stressed. There’s been so much negativity on social media lately that I thought we needed a dose of lightness. So today, I chose to post jumping pictures with HB in my arms. He loves it when his mommy is…

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Bonding Through Yoga

mommy and me yoga

Adoption is not easy. It doesn’t matter how well prepared you thought you were or that you got the sweetest and best little boy in the world. Your whole life has changed completely. To keep from turning into a raving lunatic when the stress got to be too much (although my husband would beg to differ and…

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Fitbit – My New Favorite Fitness Tool


January – that time of year when everyone says this will be the year they workout more (or actually start working out) and live a healthier lifestyle. As a personal trainer, I’m often asked how I stay motivated. My newest obsession – Fitbit! This is my pink Fitbit on my fluorescent yellow sneakers. More on these sneakers…

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Now that summer is here and the tank tops and sleeveless dresses are coming out, my clients are concerned about their nubbies. What are nubbies?  When I first started training, my client and friend Gretchen coined the side of the chest that tends to pop out around a shirt “nubbies.” This is my friend Lisa…

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How Do You Get a Trim Waistline?

trim waistline

You hear this all the time – How do I lose my belly and how can I get better abs and a trim waistline? People spend so much time doing crunches and only crunches, then wonder why their waistline isn’t getting smaller.  Then the experts started saying you have to do cardio in order to…

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The Things That Fitness Instructors Inadvertently Say

With the New Year here and people making resolutions to exercise more, fitness instructors and trainers like me all over the country are preparing for an increase in numbers in their classes and dreaming up new ways to torture their clients. Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of fitness instructors as they…

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Mother Daughter Workout Teams

I’ve noticed a new trend recently in the fitness classes I teach.  There seems to be more mothers and daughters working out together.  I once had 6 mother daughter workout teams in class.  And in a class of 24, that means half the class was a mother daughter team.  Yes, I excel at math.  Although my…

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A day in the life of a fitness instructor

People always ask what a day in the life of a fitness instructor is like.  When I lived across the street from the gym I owned in NYC, I would constantly run into members at the most inopportune times.  And they always wanted fitness advice.  At 6am on a walk with Pinot, when my eyes…

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