Spring Has Sprung FINALLY at Our House

spring has sprung

Spring has sprung at our house!  Finally! The winter seemed to drag on and on and when this first brave crocus popped its head up in early April, I thought, finally, spring is here! But Mother Nature had different ideas.  The temperature dropped again, then it rose, then dropped, along with some flurries, rain, and recently,…

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How Do You Get a Trim Waistline?

trim waistline

You hear this all the time – How do I lose my belly and how can I get better abs and a trim waistline? People spend so much time doing crunches and only crunches, then wonder why their waistline isn’t getting smaller.  Then the experts started saying you have to do cardio in order to…

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Do Dogs Look Like Their Owners? Ours Do!

I’ve often heard that dogs look like their owners.  Or vice versa.  I didn’t think I looked like a dachshund, but when I saw this picture, I had to admit, Pinot and I look exactly alike. Same cheekbones, same facial structure and floppy ears (or in my case, floppy hair). Pinot and I are both…

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