After two decades, a woman returns to Taiwan and confronts the scars of her past in this stunning debut by Lyn Liao Butler.



About the Book

On sale July 6, 2021 from Berkley/Penguin

In The Tiger Mom's Tale, personal trainer Lexa Thomas must confront the scars of her past in order to embrace her true identity or turn her back on her Taiwanese heritage forever.

About Lyn

Born in Taiwan, Lyn has had many careers: concert pianist, professional dancer, business owner, personal trainer, fitness and yoga instructor, purse designer and now author. Lyn's mother was not a Tiger Mom; Lyn came about her overachieving all on her own.

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I have never been more excited to write a blog post than today. Because after a year and three months, I can finally announce: my debut novel, THE TIGER MOM’S TALE (out July 6, 2021 from Berkley/Penguin Random House)  is up for preorder! AND, I can finally reveal the beautiful cover. My book was pushed…