In the wake of a tragedy and fueled by guilt from a secret she’s kept for years, a woman discovers how delicate the thread that binds family.


About Red Thread of Fate

On sale February 8, 2022

When her husband and his estranged cousin are killed in an accident, Tamlei Kwan finds herself the guardian of five-year-old Angela. She must also decide whether to complete the adoption of the son waiting for her in a Chinese orphanage. But when a secret from her past comes to light just as she's bonding with Angela, Tam will discover how delicate the thread that binds family really is.

About Lyn

Born in Taiwan, Lyn has had many careers: concert pianist, professional dancer, business owner, personal trainer, fitness and yoga instructor, purse designer and now author. Lyn's mother was not a Tiger Mom; Lyn came about her overachieving all on her own.

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Coming in 2023

Annie Lin moved to Kauai with her husband and young son after tragedy strikes their New York neighborhood. But when objects from her old life keep showing up in Kauai and she feels like she's losing her mind, Annie's mental state spirals. Until one night when an oddly familiar woman appears on her doorstep and Annie realizes things are worse than she thought.