There’s Crawfish All Over The Kitchen!


This weekend, my niece Kristen went to New Orleans with her friends and all my sisters-in-laws to celebrate her 21st birthday.  I was supposed to go, but then my laptop died, my glasses fell apart, and we spent too much money in Hawaii.  For some reason, I thought I could save money while in Hawaii…

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Acronyms Make Me Feel Old and Stupid


One of the first acronyms I can remember was TGIF.  At the time, I thought it referred to the restaurant.  So when newscasters said, TGIF, the weekend is here!  I thought you could only go to TGIF on weekends. In middle school, I knew I had a BFF.  But by high school, we were no…

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No More Snow, Make It Stop!

no more snow

I think even people who love winter and snow have had enough.  As yet another round of snow is falling outside, all I can think is, No More Snow!  Make it stop!  There’s no more room for more snow! Yes, snow and winter can be beautiful.  These are a couple of my favorite shots of…

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