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Archive for January 2015

Dachshund Sweaters Don’t Always Stay on Lokie

dachshund sweaters

My two dachshunds do not like wearing clothes.  They’d rather be naked.  The first time I put a coat on Pinot, she refused to move and stayed in one spot for over half an hour until I took it off.  Over the years, she’s learned to tolerate them, and I bought dachshund sweaters for her,…

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Some Days, I Should Have Just Stayed In Bed

It was a Sunday morning, and my niece Kristen was playing basketball for Queens College at Madison Square Garden.  It was a big deal, and the whole family was going.  Jim had worked at the firehouse the day before so we decided I would take the train into the city and meet everyone there.  I woke…

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Good-bye Max, RIP

On December 30, 2014, Max, Jim’s parents’ dog, passed away. Max was such a good, sweet dog, and lived to be almost 13 years old, loved by the entire Butler clan.  Jim and his 4 siblings had gotten him as a birthday present for their mom. Look how small he was. Max with Jim’s mom.…

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The Things That Fitness Instructors Inadvertently Say

With the New Year here and people making resolutions to exercise more, fitness instructors and trainers like me all over the country are preparing for an increase in numbers in their classes and dreaming up new ways to torture their clients. Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of fitness instructors as they…

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