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Archive for November 2014

My Mom’s Obsession with Basketball (and Jeremy Lin)

Jeremy Lin

Saturday night.  Madison Square Garden, Knicks vs. 76ers. Mother Daughter bonding time over basketball. Daughter Not a basketball fan.  Has a vague idea how basketball is played.  Knows there are 5 players on a team at a time, it’s played in quarters not periods (she thinks), a basket is 2 points, a 3-point shot is worth, well,…

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For the Love of Five Feral Cats

All summer, I kept catching glimpses of this little black cat around our house.  I didn’t think anything of it at first but I started to realize it was a stray.  Having lived so many years in NYC, I didn’t come across feral cats often.  I’m sure the city has their share of them, but living in…

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Spectacular Sunsets at Our Lake

I seem to have a new hobby.  I can’t stop taking pictures of the lake and the spectacular sunsets that happen at our lake.  If I live to be 95 years old and still living at the lake, I’ll still be taking pictures of it and marvelling at the ever-changing colors of the sky.  Unless…

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Pyrex Dish Will Explode Under the Broiler

A few days ago, I was making dinner and the recipe called for putting peppers under the broiler to roast them.  Without thinking, I put the peppers in a pyrex dish and placed it under the broiler.  Something niggled at the back of my mind, but because I still had a million things to do,…

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