How Do You Get a Trim Waistline?

You hear this all the time – How do I lose my belly and how can I get better abs and a trim waistline?

People spend so much time doing crunches and only crunches, then wonder why their waistline isn’t getting smaller.  Then the experts started saying you have to do cardio in order to burn the fat around the belly so that you can see the ab muscles.  Makes sense.  But then other experts say you don’t need to do cardio.  So who can you believe?

I think my friend Lisa is saying she is tired of crunches!  Or maybe she’s saying, no more muffin tops!

What works for me?  Moderation of everything.  It’s true that if you don’t burn the fat around your midsection, you won’t see your muscles.  But if you don’t do proper core muscle-building exercises, then you have no muscles to see when you’ve burnt that fat.  And if you don’t eat a healthy and balanced diet, you can’t burn fat no matter how hard you work.

So when I practice all of the above (good diet, cardio exercises that use the whole body, core strengthening exercises for the entire core), I notice I have a trim waistline.  And when I don’t do all or some of the above, then I start getting muffin tops and wine pouches (For those of you who think instructors can’t get muffin tops, you are wrong.  We get them too, especially if we put on some weight from too much indulging and continue wearing the same pants.  Then voila – muffin tops).

Which is why my Awesome Abs and Butt Blast class (which by the way, is being called Awesome Abs and Glutes right now because a previous manager didn’t like the word ‘butt’ but I think Butt Blast sounds more motivating than Glutes) incorporates full body cardio moves (that incidentally uses the core), core exercises (including some crunches) and if I could incorporate good nutrition into that class, than I’d be rich but since I can’t, you’ll have to do the good nutrition part on your own.  (Unless you want to pay me to follow you around all day and monitor every bite that goes into your mouth).

(I think the above was a run-on sentence that wasn’t actually a full sentence).

So don’t give up on the crunches (as demonstrated here by a cheerful Ashley),

trim waistline

but don’t forget your good nutrition and all around full body cardio and core exercises.

(By the way, Ashley and her mom Lisa (not the Lisa pictured above – I know so many Lisas!  You may remember Ashley and Lisa from my Mother Daughter post) were so nice as to buy a Happy Birthday balloon for me recently.  But the balloon flew away through the sunroof on the way to my class, so Ashley made her mom stop to buy another one.  They got as far as the gym and before they could get inside, the second one came untied from its bright pink streamer and flew away too.  So when I got there, they greeted me with a bright pink streamer, with no balloon attached.  When they told me what happened, I laughed so hard I engaged all my core muscles.  Laughing is good for the core.  I laughed even harder when they showed me the picture of the runaway balloon. Can you see my balloon?

Thank you Ashley and Lisa for the very thoughtful balloon that never made it to me but made me laugh which is an even better birthday present!  And congratulations Ashley, on your upcoming wedding!)

(The above aside had nothing to do with abs or a trim waistline (except that laughing is good for your abs) but I had to slip it in there).

The End.




  1. Lauren on April 21, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    Lyn, you always make me laugh so I should have a very trim waistline 😉

    • pinotbylyn on April 30, 2015 at 10:19 am

      Yes very trim!

  2. Elaine on April 22, 2015 at 7:34 am

    Love this post Lyn! I have to forward to my clients!
    Keep laughing!!!!

    • pinotbylyn on April 30, 2015 at 10:20 am

      Just make them laugh 😉

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