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The Crashers of the WFWA Retreat 2019

This post is not about my experiences at the WFWA Retreat (Women’s Fiction Writers Association) in Albuquerque last week. I had a great time, got a lot of writing done and finally met IRL people I’ve connected with online. But two furry stuffies named Tooey and Cocoa upstaged me so this post is about their…

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How I Got My Agent


I’ve been wanting to write my “How I Got My Agent” post for a while but I’m superstitious. Call it Chinese superstition or just plain old superstition but I thought if I wrote this post, I wouldn’t ever get a publishing deal. But now that my deal is official, I can finally talk about it! Warning, this is…

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Introducing My New Author Website

I have a new author website! Wait, what? Most of you know me as a former dancer, personal training, group fitness and yoga instructor and maybe even a purse designer with an etsy store. And you know I write blogs but did you know I am also an author? That I actually wrote a book?…

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