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Archive for August 2014

Mother Daughter Workout Teams

I’ve noticed a new trend recently in the fitness classes I teach.  There seems to be more mothers and daughters working out together.  I once had 6 mother daughter workout teams in class.  And in a class of 24, that means half the class was a mother daughter team.  Yes, I excel at math.  Although my…

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How to Have a Thriving Garden on Beginner’s Dumb Luck

I am about to reveal another secret about myself (besides the fact that I am a klutz).  I used to have a black thumb.  I couldn’t keep any plants alive.  But ever since we moved to this house on the lake, I figured out how to have a thriving garden on beginner’s dumb luck. I was known as…

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Taiwanese Street Food, the Best Thing I Ever Ate

If I was granted anything I wanted for my last meal, I would choose, with no hesitation, Taiwanese street food, the best thing I ever ate. I was born in Taiwan and lived there until I was 7 so it can be said that Taiwanese street food was an integral part of my formative years.…

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