The Story of Bear


There is a place where Bears are made, with careful attention and loving care. Because these Bears have a special mission: to help children who didn’t have the best start to life. One day, a new Bear was called and told he had an assignment. He quivered with anticipation as they told him about the…

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Adele, My Savior


I briefly told you about HB’s love for Adele’s music in Letter to Our Adopted Son. But now that he’s been home for ten months and his love for Adele has only grown, I felt it warranted its own post. Ten months ago, our son was living in a Chinese orphanage. He’s lived there for all three…

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Jumping with HB


There’s nothing better than the giggle of a child to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down or stressed. There’s been so much negativity on social media lately that I thought we needed a dose of lightness. So today, I chose to post jumping pictures with HB in my arms. He loves it when his mommy is…

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Bonding Through Yoga

mommy and me yoga

Adoption is not easy. It doesn’t matter how well prepared you thought you were or that you got the sweetest and best little boy in the world. Your whole life has changed completely. To keep from turning into a raving lunatic when the stress got to be too much (although my husband would beg to differ and…

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A Tale of Two Dachshunds and a Little Boy

two dachshunds

Once there were two dachshunds named Pinot and Lokie who had the best life. They lived in a house on the lake and had a big backyard to explore and play. And when they were tired from playing, they could rest in their big comfy bed. Life was good. Then one day, a fire engine…

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Jumping at the Great Wall

Great Wall

At one time, there were two families who didn’t know each other and lived in different states. Then they traveled to China together to get their daughter and son, and now the two families are lifelong friends. Before they met their new daughter and son, they got a chance to explore Beijing and the Great Wall together.…

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Letter to Our Adopted Son

March 16, 2016 Dear HB, You’ve been in the U.S. and a U.S. citizen for four days now. We met you on February 29, 2016 and you became our legally adopted son on March 1, 2016. I was so nervous the day of our first meeting that I made myself physically ill, not able to keep any…

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Introducing the Newest Member of Our Family!


Introducing the newest member of our family (who I will refer to as HB for Honey Bear from here on out)! We started the adoption proceedings on March 9, 2015 and officially adopted HB as our son almost a year later on March 1, 2016. Stay tuned for our story. It’s been an uplifting experience,…

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Fitbit – My New Favorite Fitness Tool


January – that time of year when everyone says this will be the year they workout more (or actually start working out) and live a healthier lifestyle. As a personal trainer, I’m often asked how I stay motivated. My newest obsession – Fitbit! This is my pink Fitbit on my fluorescent yellow sneakers. More on these sneakers…

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Only a Crazy Dachshund Person Would Understand…

crazy dachshund person

There are dog lovers, and then there are dachshund lovers. Trust me, they are a breed of their own. In fact, crazy dachshund people will do things that may seem above and beyond to a normal person, even a dog loving person. Only a Crazy Dachshund Person would understand the following: Dachshund Theme Song What other…

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