Dachshund Sweaters Don’t Always Stay on Lokie

dachshund sweaters

My two dachshunds do not like wearing clothes.  They’d rather be naked.  The first time I put a coat on Pinot, she refused to move and stayed in one spot for over half an hour until I took it off.  Over the years, she’s learned to tolerate them, and I bought dachshund sweaters for her,…

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Good-bye Max, RIP

On December 30, 2014, Max, Jim’s parents’ dog, passed away. Max was such a good, sweet dog, and lived to be almost 13 years old, loved by the entire Butler clan.  Jim and his 4 siblings had gotten him as a birthday present for their mom. Look how small he was. Max with Jim’s mom.…

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Belly Up for Tummy Rubs

belly up

The weather has been miserable here this week and it seems people’s spirits are down and everyone I talk to is slightly depressed or stressed about the upcoming holidays.  So I thought we could all use a little smile at pictures of my belly up dogs. The first time my mom saw Pinot upside down…

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Last Day of Summer with Pinot and Lokie

last day of summer

When life throws you a curveball, duck.  Or better yet, get out of the way.  But if you can’t and the ball hits you right where it counts, I try to remember the good days, to help get through the hard ones.  One of the good days was the last day of summer with Pinot and…

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Dachshund Underground Railroad – a Dachshund Rescue Transport

Dachshund Underground Railroad

Early one Sunday, on a beautiful fall day, our two weary travellers opened their eyes and gave a great big stretch.  After giving them good morning kisses and head rubs, their host let them outside to use the bathroom.  Don’t worry, our travellers are dachshunds.  They have been riding on the Dachshund Underground Railroad since yesterday and…

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Introducing Aiden – the Cutest Little Puppy

cutest little puppy

Before you ask – no, I have not gone crazy and adopted another puppy.  Although I’ve warned Jim before that he may come home one day to 7 little Tootsie rolls – 7 doxies all lined up in a row. No, this cutest little puppy is my friend Heather’s. You may remember Heather from Lokie’s story when…

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Lokie’s Obsession with Jim

I’ve told you about Pinot’s obsession with bags.  This is the story of Lokie’s obsession with Jim. Lokie is my shadow.  She follows me everywhere I go.  If I can’t find her, I usually just have to turn around, look down and there she is.  She sits by the tub when I take a bath.  She…

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Pinot’s obsession with bags

Pinot has loved bags and purses from the time she was a tiny puppy. Typical girl – her obsession with bags started at a young age.  At only a few months old, I caught her trying to make off with my pink purse. My friend Katherine bought her this cute bag when I first brought Pinot home…

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