Pinot and Lokie’s California Adventures

As told by Lokie.

We got to go to California!  Person’s Sister was getting married and it was decided we would all go and have California adventures.

Two months before we left, Person came home with these two black bags.  She set them on the floor and Pinot immediately jumped into one.  We all know about Pinot’s obsession with bags.  But I didn’t grow up like a Princess being carried around in bags so I was afraid to go in.  Person put one of Jim’s sweaty shirts, some of my toys and hid treats in there every day and I started to like going in there.

But I kept getting my head stuck in the hole at the top until Pinot told me to lie down.

By the time we left for our California adventures, I liked being in my bag.

All was fine at the airport since I was safe and cozy in my bag, but then Person had to take me out and carry me through this metal thing with people shouting and pointing at us.  I hung onto Person for dear life and when she tried to put me back in my bag, I planted one back foot on each side of the bag and made myself as rigid as possible.  I was scared!  GrandPerson tried to help Person get me back into the bag and they couldn’t understand why two grown people couldn’t get a 10 lbs. dog back into her bag.

Finally, GrandPerson took pity on me and said she would carry me until I calmed down.  After that, I felt much better.

The plane ride was fun!  The nice flight attendant let us come out of our bags and Pinot had a great time looking out the window.

I did too.

We were really well-behaved on the plane and most people didn’t even know we were there.

Soon, we landed in California.  We went straight to Person’s Sister’s house which was great.  It had an enclosed backyard and a guest house in the back where we were staying.  It felt great to run around after being on the plane for so long.  I found these strange-looking things growing on a tree.

GrandPerson said they were oranges but they look green to me (don’t tell her, but I think she’s color blind).  We sure don’t have these back home.

Pinot, don’t tell her I said she was color blind!  I didn’t say anything.

Person’s Sister didn’t want us running on the grass and peeing on it since they were taking pictures there for the wedding so Pinot stayed on the porch like a good dachshund.

Although Person’s Sister didn’t see the pictures of us running around on the grass (and I might have pooped on there once but don’t tell her that).

She also said we couldn’t go into her kitchen but after a few days, she relented and let us in.  Cause we’re so cute.

We were excited for the wedding, but then we found out we weren’t invited!  And we weren’t even invited for the family pictures before the wedding!  The nerve!

GrandPerson had bought an outfit for us from Taiwan and we were going to split it.  I was going to wear the dress,

and Pinot was going to wear the shoes.

But it didn’t matter cause we weren’t invited.  Instead, Jim and Person took us to a dog sitter’s house.

We played with her three little dogs and had so much fun we didn’t care anymore.

This is Pinot with Karma.

California adventures

And that’s me sniffing Max.

We played so much that I was exhausted when we went back to Person’s Sister’s house and I fell asleep in the middle of playing with my dinosaur.

The night of the wedding, we got to stay at the Ritz Carlton!  It was the only dog friendly hotel near the venue.  So we got treated like Royalty while everyone else stayed at the Marriott.

Here we are with GrandPerson at the entrance of the Ritz.  Look at Pinot jumping with joy – all four paws were off the floor!

When the wedding was over (it was beautiful and fun I heard but we wouldn’t know since we weren’t there), we got to go to San Diego.  And we got to stay in another nice hotel – the Westin!

Here we are checking in.  See how excited Pinot was.

California adventures

Everyone made a big fuss over us and told us how cute we are.  The Westin even gave us our very own Heavenly Dog Beds.  Pinot loved sleeping on them.  This is the life.

After we checked in, Jim and Person took us to another dog friendly hotel, the Hotel Indigo and we went to their rooftop deck and had drinks.

It’s perfectly normal here for dogs to enjoy happy hour – in fact, they actually have something called Yappy Hour on the third Thursday of every month.

I tried to sneak some of Person’s Lychee Sangria when she wasn’t looking.

But she caught me so I didn’t get any.  Boo.

The next day, we all went to the Coronado Dog Beach.  This was the best part of our California adventures!  Pinot had been here before and she was very excited to show me and GrandPeople how much fun it is.

California adventures

I’ve never seen so much water before and at first I just looked at it.  But soon, I was swimming in the water.

California adventures

Then I decided it was too much water and jumped out and ran for shore.

California adventures

GrandPeople had a great time too.  I was so happy they were there.

All the dogs at the beach were nice.  We played with big dogs.

And little dogs.

I made a new friend.

Pinot and I had so much fun that we didn’t want our California adventures to end.  Here I am looking sad when they said it was time to go.

No, please, can’t we stay?

But there was one more stop in our California adventures.  Petco Park!  This is where the San Diego Padres play.

I think it shows how much San Diego loves their pets that they named the baseball stadium Petco Park.

We had a great trip and Person told us we were so well-behaved.  Well, until the morning we were leaving.  We had to get up at 6 a.m. to catch our flight and both Pinot and I had an accident in the elevator (we’re used to just going right out the door in the morning to do our business.  We’re not used to walking down a long hallway, getting into an elevator, and then walking another long hallway just to go to the bathroom).

Person was really embarrassed and cleaned it up.  The hotel was very nice about it and sent someone to help her.  Then, right as Jim was about to call for help to get our bags, Pinot threw up in the hotel room.  So Person had to clean that up.  Then Pinot threw up again all over GrandPerson in the car ride to the airport.  Now GrandPerson smelled like throw up.

But despite all that, the flight home was uneventful.  We were happy to be home from our California adventures.  Pinot jumped in the suitcase when they were trying to unpack because she wanted to go on another adventure soon.

Jim said he had to make more money first.  Bummer.  Maybe he’ll take us to Hawaii next?







  1. Susan Gettinger on October 8, 2015 at 11:04 am

    Really great post – I think you have a children’s series here

    • pinotbylyn on October 8, 2015 at 10:21 pm

      Hmm…maybe 🙂

  2. Hsiang-Fang on October 8, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    Good job Lokie!we love u!

    • pinotbylyn on October 11, 2015 at 10:02 am

      Thank you 🙂

  3. Lisa on October 8, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    Lokie, I laughed my tail off! You are a sweet and silly Person/Pup!!!

    • pinotbylyn on October 11, 2015 at 10:01 am

      I’m glad you enjoyed the story!

  4. LIz on November 4, 2015 at 5:40 pm

    I enjoyed this post, especially the photos!!!

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