Family Portrait

Recently, we needed a family portrait so we enlisted my mom’s help to take some pictures.  She’s been practicing taking pictures so we thought this was the perfect opportunity.

When two of your family members have four legs and have fur instead of hair, it can be a challenge to get a good picture.

First attempt.

family portrait

Not bad, except Lokie couldn’t stop kissing Jim.

Second attempt.

Lokie stopped kissing Jim, but now she wouldn’t look at the camera.

Third try.

family portrait

Lokie’s finally looking at the camera, but now Pinot is gazing off into space, probably looking for squirrels.

Fourth try.

Lokie’s had enough and tried to eat Pinot.

Whew, Lokie, your breath stinks!  What have you been licking, says Pinot.

I thought my mom did a great job getting that shot.  But since sitting wasn’t working, we decided to take the photo shoot to the grass, hoping for a more picturesque family portrait.

First attempt.

Beautiful setting, but my eyes are closed and Pinot is looking for squirrels again.

Second try.

Lokie’s losing interest and is now looking for squirrels with Pinot.

Third attempt.

Looks pretty good except for Pinot’s disinterest.  But on closer inspection, Lokie is blowing a raspberry and telling us what she really thinks of this photo shoot.

Pppppffffftttttttt!!!!!  Enough with this picture-taking business!

We gave up after that.  It was clear Lokie was fed up and Pinot couldn’t care less if we got a good family portrait or not.  Plus I decided the day was too humid and making my hair frizz and I didn’t like what I was wearing.  And we looked sweaty.

So that was the end of that – try again another day!



  1. Janet on July 17, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    Perfect…beautiful family…good job Mom

    • pinotbylyn on July 19, 2015 at 10:39 am


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