Why I’m Not a Fan of Northeast Winters

I do not like Northeast winters.  I won’t use the word hate since it is such a strong word.  But on second thought, I hate Northeast winters.  I am definitely not a fan.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving was a beautiful day – dry and not too cold.

As the day drew to a close, this was the view I had.  Life is good.

Then I went to bed and this was the view I woke up to.  Life is not so good.

northeast winters

And I knew winter had arrived early.

Why do I not like (okay, HATE) northeast winters so much?

I hate wearing bulky clothes.  I don’t mean I like running around naked.  I mean I am happiest in a tank top and shorts.

– I hate wearing all the layers in the winter and feeling like a sausage.  A stuffed sausage.  No pun intended, Pinot and Lokie.

– I hate wearing scarves, hats and mittens.  

(I just realized I am using the word “hate” too much when I was trying to avoid it.  I don’t want to be a hater.  Forgive me).

– I’d rather sweat than freeze.

– I’d rather run around in flip-flops than in thick thigh-high socks and boots.

– I’d rather go to the beach, than ski down a slope (skiing and I don’t mix.  As a ballet dancer, I naturally turn out.  Have you ever tried skiing down a slope turned out?  I don’t recommend it).

– Snow is only pretty when it first falls.  Then it becomes slushy, dirty and wet (did you know snow is wet?) and gets inside my boots, soaking my socks and making me miserable and wet.

– Snow always messes up my plans.  This is great if you are a kid and get a snow day, but not so great when I have a million places to be and can’t get there because I can’t get my car out of the driveway.

– I don’t like (see, I avoided the word hate this time) wearing turtlenecks, or in fact, having anything around my neck.  I once cut the neck out of a turtleneck my mom gave me because it was choking me, therefore defeating the entire purpose of a turtleneck.  My mom never gave me another turtleneck again.

– I don’t like driving when it is snowing hard and when the roads are slick as ice and slippery.

– I don’t like shoveling snow.  Okay – I’ll admit that it’s usually Jim that shovels snow but I know he doesn’t like it either so I don’t like it for him.

– I hate (oops, slipped again but this time I really do mean it) that it gets dark so early.  I need sunshine and daylight.

– I worry about all the feral cats that are living out there in the snow and freezing cold.

– I worry about all the poor dogs that careless or heartless people leave tied up outside to freeze to death.

– I worry about the ducks and swans and any and all wildlife that I see out there in the cold.

– I spend too much time in the northeast winters worrying about poor animals out in the freezing cold that I become a less productive human being.

There are many more reasons why I am not a fan of northeast winters.  If you love northeast winters, then please tell me why and try to convince me to like it even a little bit, because if the weather so far is any indication of the winter we are about to have, I may just up and run away to Hawaii.

I know I keep threatening to run away, but this just might be the year that I really do!


  1. Elaine on December 4, 2014 at 10:23 am

    If you can believe it my kids are still wearing shorts! I am with you on all of the above!

    • pinotbylyn on December 4, 2014 at 2:43 pm

      I was still wearing flip-flops up until a few days before the snow!

  2. Lisa on December 4, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    Lyn, I can not give you word of winter wisdom as I fled NE to the tropical south myself.
    I can tell you that nature handles all things wild in its own way (migration, extra heavy coats of fur,feather & fat).
    As for the domestic and local wild animals you can only concentrate on what God leads to you for help (there’s an uncanny track sick, injured or dying wildlife take that leads right to the side of my house) I’ve healed, rehabbed and sadly brought an end to suffering of many ducks, birds, baby (lots of critter babies) and even turtles and a frog that dropped from the talons of a hawk right in front of me!
    If work requires a NE geography than you need to get higher boots, thinner layers (you know the tigh fitting bodysuit kind) so you won’t need to be a huge overstuffed weenie!
    Refocus on what you have in front of you so you can walk straight, looking all over for “things” that might be there just keeps you circling in place (yes, I just made that up)! 🙂
    If no job keeps you in place and your family that you’re very close to are on board I’d say move to Hawaii! That is a dream for Robert and I as well as our “out” card (meaning if all else fails let’s pack it up and go to Big Island) atleast we can be on an adventure worth fighting to keep!

    • pinotbylyn on December 4, 2014 at 3:14 pm

      Thanks for the pep talk Lisa! I’m sure I will be looking at it for inspiration during this winter. And Hawaii is Jim and my “out” too!

  3. jaclyn brooks on December 5, 2014 at 1:55 am

    and alas we are the opposite i am not a fan of sweating to death , i am not a fan of the southern hemispheres heat .. and ha ha but id rather put more clothes on and play in the snow than hide in an air conditioned room from the scorching heat ..but it wouldnt do for us all to be the same : )

    and just wanted to let you know i received yr lovely bone card/wallet today which i have put away as a stocking filler for my self ..thankyou again : ) i look forward to using it and i love your pictures ..

    • pinotbylyn on December 13, 2014 at 1:36 pm

      How funny – we always want what’s on the other side. And so glad you got the card holder. Enjoy it!

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