Crazy Bao You

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Release Date: June 6, 2023
Pages: 346
ISBN13: 9798987686003



Kimmie Park has finally met a man who gets her and laughs at her jokes. Matt West is kind, compassionate, andhe's a smoking hot FDNY firefighter. There's just one (or many) problem. They've never met in person because he lives in New York and she's in Oklahoma. He also doesn't know that her life recently imploded when she very publicly quits her retail job and becomes a meme in a viral video, known as the woman who twerked as she tells off her boss. And he has no idea what she really looks like.

After quitting her job, Kimmie focuses on her Etsy shop designing purses and accessories. She'd posted pictures of her best friend Alicia with her merchandise, not realizing people would assume Alicia was Kim from My Crafty Bao. That's fine with Kimmie since she's still hiding out from her recent unwanted internet fame. But as the chemistry between her and Matt sizzles and their every interaction threatens to set them both on fire, she knows she needs to tell him the truth. Especially since Matt's father, the CEO of a huge retail store, sees Kimmie's shop and wants to partner with her.

As Kimmie prepares to visit New York City for the first time, she grapples with the sorrows of her past which have kept her in Oklahoma ever since her parents died when she was sixteen. Will she be able to let go of her fears and embrace who she really is, or will it cause her to lose the man of her dreams and the opportunity of a lifetime?

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"Crazy Bao You is a heart fluttering delight of a romance filled with quippy banter, misadventures, and a loveable cast of friends and family. I rooted hard for Kimmie and Matt from beginning to end as they found themselves, and love along the way." - Amy Lea, international bestselling author of Exes and O's

"Mistaken identities, sexy firefighters, and steamed buns make for an irresistible romance filled with heart and humor. You will go wild a-bao this story!" -Alanna Martin, author of Love and Let Bark

"A deliciously modern take on the epistolary romance trope, with a dash of Cyrano and lots of celebration of self-acceptance. Crazy Bao You has a creative main character who's utterly relatable, a cinnamon-roll love interest who's to die for, and all the romcom shenanigans my heart desires. Lyn Liao knocked it out of the park, and wrote a romance that's as tasty and satisfying as a bao!" - Ali Hazelwood, New York Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis

"A five star romance with amazing descriptions of food and an HEA complete with an adopted stray dog - what more could you ask for?" - Elizabeth Everett, author of A Lady's Formula For Love

"An earnest, smart, sticks-with-you love story with heart and voice for days. Readers will be rooting for this hilarious and delicious couple from minute one." -Lauren Accardo, author of Wild Love 

"With lovable characters you'll cheer on, a seamless plot threaded with a dash of heat, and a whole lot of heart and humor, Liao has crafted the perfect romcom-quirks (and twerks) included." -Samantha Vérant, author of The Spice Master at Bistro Exotique

Crazy Bao You is a laugh out loud rom-com that will charm you with its wit, twists, and big heart. A modern love story for this social media age. I loved every moment!" -Anita Kushwaha, author of Secret Lives of Mothers & Daughters