One Kauai Night

Published by: Thomas & Mercer
Release Date: Coming in 2023

 From afar, someone else's life always looks better…

Four years ago, Annie Lin's life fell apart. Her business went bankrupt and she lost not only her beloved dog but also her mother. Mired in a deep depression ever since, she can't connect with her young son and grows distant from her FDNY husband, Brody. She refuses to seek help because she can just imagine the shame her First Auntie and the rest of her Asian family would heap on her. But when tragedy strikes their lake town and they almost lose their son, Annie and Brody are frightened and move to Kauai to start over.

She thought living in paradise and drinking Mai Tais would kick her out of her funk. But it doesn't. And strange things keep happening, like finding her dog's old collar in her car in Kauai and feeling as though someone is watching her. As she continues to find pieces of her life from New York in Kauai, Annie begins to wonder if she's losing her mind. She continues to spiral until one day as a storm brews outside, an oddly familiar woman appears on her doorstep.

Thinking she is offering refuge to a woman lost in the storm, Annie invites her into her home. But as the night progresses, Annie begins to see it is no coincidence this woman is here now. Their lives are intertwined in ways Annie never imagined. When the strange woman reveals the reason she is there, Annie realizes things are not as bad as she thought. They're worse. And it's up to Annie to decide whether her life and family are worth fighting for.